Charley Hoffman,  Director, American Bankers Association. 

Rex Bennett has a keen ability to make abstract ideas interesting, meaningful, and useful for business managers.  He is dynamic and energizing and has the skill to make audiences not only listen but to understand, appreciate, and absorb ideas and concepts into their management thinking and action.  The American Bankers Association has used him in a wide variety of programs, schools, and executive programs and he is consistently a highest rated presenter.


   Nicki Diramus, Director, National Humans Resources Management Conference. 

Dr. Bennett has been an extraordinary presenter at our program.  Participants use such words as the best, excellent, dynamic, energetic, terrific, and motivating.  Attendees also praise his subject knowledge and his ability to make the concepts alive and meaninful to them.    


Robert Kearn, President, Coit Industries.

Rex Bennett was the keynote speaker at out national Franchise Convention last year.  His insights on competitive advantage were extremely well received by our participants, and he received the highest ratings in the history of our company.  I would highly recommend him.


   Barbara D. Hass, Group Vice President, Consumer Services, Northern Indiana Public Utility Company. 

Rex Bennett has the unique ability to take abstract concepts such as ‘sustainable competitive advantage’ and ‘customer satisfaction' and 'quality of service’ and teach  employees to create and implement concrete action plans.  This is particularly valuable for those in deregulating industries and other competitive industries that are repeatedly advised to compete more effectively--but seldom told what path to follow for success.  Rex Bennett clearly shows you that path.


    Hilary Horn, Program Director, National Credit Card Conference.

    Dr. Bennett received outstanding ratings and extremely positive responses.  Participants were unanimous in their praise for all aspects of his material and his teaching style.  He received an overall rating of 4.94 (out of 5) from the 155 respondents.  Comments of excellent, the best, great speaker, and outstanding presentation were repeated many times.



   Elisa R. Legg, Program Director, New York Bankers Association.

We had a great response to your session.   I now continually refer back to your concept of viewing the customer as a ‘revenue stream over time.’  It’s a simple, yet powerful message.