How does an organization attain sustainable competitive advantage and achieve superior performance in spite of industry and environmental changes, competitor actions, and customer/market shifts?

Dr. Bennett has helped Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of other businesses and organizations answer this question and enhance their competitive position and performance. 


Achieving Competitive Advantage Demo Video

 His presentations focus on:

·         Identifying and implementing competitive advantage strategies

·         the profit implications of market strategies,

·         product differentiation vs. relative perceived quality as drivers of profits

·         the profit implications of customer retention

·         a model for determining the financial cost of poor customer satisfaction

·         customer recovery systems

·         measuring and reducing the three major GAPS that hinder an organization’s ability to achieve competitive advantage and exceptional performance.


The emphasis is on specific, practical, profit-oriented techniques that managers can use to achieve competitive advantage and increased profitability (or other performance measures) for their organizations. 


Achieving and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

This speech focuses on understanding and implementing competitive advantage strategies so that organizations can clearly and effectively answer the question, ‘Why should a customer do business with them rather than one of their competitors.’ Customer-driven differentiation is the essence of such strategies.

The Key to Competitive Advantage:  Customer Retention  

The popular mantra is that new customer acquisition drives superior profitability.  Not only is the mantra wrong, but this fascination diverts attention, emphasis, and, more importantly, resources from the real key to exceptional organizational performance and enhanced profitability....CUSTOMER RETENTION.

Achieving Competitive Advantage: Identifying and Closing Competitive GAPs:

Relative perceived quality has twice the impact on profitability of any factor ever-studied (Strategic Planning Institute, Harvard University).  This presentation focuses on techniques to measure and reduce the three major quality and competitive GAPs that hinder performance.  Participants will leave with an instrument to measure the competitive GAPs in their organization and an understanding of how to monitor and close these GAPs for increased customer retention and profitability.